In the digital era, businesses need to move faster, and with more flexibility. But having an agile mindset isn’t enough. You also need the technology to execute on your ideas.

That’s why selecting and building on the right platform is critical. And it’s why Blue Fountain Media partners with so many industry-leading CMS providers and other technology partners. We help you choose a solution from among the industry’s best, and follow through with a specialist implementation team that knows your chosen platform inside and out.


and a 73% boost in 工作front’s site speed

Developing a blazing-fast site on a challenging timeline,
complete with seamlessly integrated marketing tech.




Richer experiences on the world’s favorite open-source platform

With 30% of sites on the internet built on Wordpress, 由100人的军队支援,000个开发者, Wordpress is the world’s unquestioned open-source leader. And by partnering with WP引擎, 您可以添加安全主机, 云计算能力, 24/7服务, and performance insights and tools to your Wordpress site.

WP引擎 and BFM are a powerful team. Combining our years of Wordpress experience with the strengths of WP引擎, 金沙体育app提供高性能的, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of clients. 



A cutting-edge enterprise CMS on an open-source base

建立在Drupal, Acquia provides businesses with a unique enterprise CMS – backed by the development tools, 环境, 举办, and 24/7/365 customer service of Acquia Cloud. 更好的是, by adding on Acquia Lift and Journey, 您可以部署, 优化, and deeply personalize customer experiences across your entire marketing ecosystem. 

Blue Fountain Media is a premier partner for Acquia development, with an all-star in-house certified team and multiple Acquia Grand Masters.



An open-source CMS with near-limitless possibilities

Thanks to its unique, open-source design – and a community 1.3 million members strong – Drupal offers access to a dynamic and constantly growing library of digital tools and resources.

BFM has many years of experience with Drupal development, and fields certified and dedicated Drupal teams. We continue to recommend the platform to clients who can benefit from its flexibility, 简单, 和负担能力.



Selling seamlessly with the future of commerce

Serving online sellers from startup to enterprise level, 大的商业 helps you create differentiated commerce experiences. The platform gives you the tools, 安全, 支持, and integrations you need to run a thriving business on- and offline, plus built-in conversion optimization tools to help you sell more.

A certified 大的商业 Partner, BFM has the skills and experience to get the most out of this exciting platform. 



A market-leading CMS that captures essential insights

Sitecore is a robust and scalable platform that lets brands build personalized digital experiences, 支持商业, 经验管理, 网站创建, 和更多的. 

Sitecore is built to help generate and maximize the value of customer insights, providing a range of tools to collect, 消化, 激活有价值的数据. For clients needing a sophisticated enterprise platform, Sitecore is almost certain to be a part of the conversation.

adobe experience 管理r icon


Making digital experiences powerful and personal

AEM is an enterprise solution focused on helping you develop, 管理, and deliver digital experiences across all your relevant channels.

It’s a world-leading CMS, but Adobe经验的经理 is much more. 手持AEM, your business is equipped with a holistic suite of tools, 都是灵活的, adaptive platform designed to build experiences with impact.



A leading eCommerce platform that drives growth

An Adobe-owned platform designed for eCommerce, 线上购物提供了灵活的, cloud-based solution built to enhance the customer shopping experience, 支持ed by a versatile offering of tailor-made extensions and tools. BFM maintains a team of developers trained in harnessing this powerful platform for our clients.



A leading CMS and trusted partner for ADA and GDPR compliance

With Crownpeak’s automated tools, producing engaging GDPR- and ADA-compliant sites is easier than ever. Through our partnership with Crownpeak, BFM offers access to built-in tools for GDPR and ADA compliance, ensuring your audience can access your website with ease and confidence.

如果这还不够的话, Crownpeak is also a powerful enterprise CMS with particular value in multi-site 管理ment.