ardurra case study

Founded in 1977, Ardurra is an industry-leading engineering and consulting firm that supports critical processes in civil engineering, public works, aquatics, and more. Today, the Ardurra team includes more than 350 professionals across 20+ offices in the United States.

Ready to establish their website as a tool for lead generation, Ardurra sought out Blue Fountain Media. Our team crafted a new digital HQ for the organization that spoke to their breadth of experience – and could turn leads into loyal clients. 

The Challenge

Ardurra’s typical customer isn’t quick to close, and the normal sales journey often includes lengthy consideration. Its new website would need to present decision-makers with the sort of content that would establish Ardurra as a first-choice service provider.

At the same time, Ardurra was growing, with several recent acquisitions and more plotted for the future. The site structure would have to be designed with the expectation of growth and be ready to scale gracefully.

the challenge

The Approach

From day one, the BFM team was hands-on with Ardurra, sitting down with stakeholders to identify the brand and business goals the new website would have to achieve.

Built for Expansion

Ardurra was rapidly expanding, and the new site needed to be flexible enough to accommodate future growth – else they’d need a new website in no time. Our UX team architected the website so new verticals and service offerings could be integrated easily, without the need to revamp page structure or navigation functionality.

built for expansion
google geo location

Google Maps Integration

Ardurra works in an industry where in-person meetings are important for building relationships and closing sales. Our team oversaw a Google Maps integration that lets users find the nearest Ardurra office instantly, helping the Ardurra team maintain a frictionless sales process.

Confidence-Building Content

Contractors like Ardurra aren’t usually selected for a job by a single stakeholder. More often than not, they’re vetted by several ranks of leadership before getting the OK. To help build the confidence of those decision-makers, the BFM team created a custom online portfolio that showcases Ardurra’s many successful projects.

conference building content


The new Ardurra website is the business-building tool the company needs to turn leads into customers. With a future that looks ripe for expansion, it now has a home base online that’s ready to take on the future – whatever that may be.