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An independent division of financial services firm Baird Capital, Baird Retirement Management provides leading retirement guidance to today’s gas, oil, and energy professionals. An ally for its clients, Baird takes a hands-on approach to retirement management. It’s not uncommon to hear Baird clients describe their advisor as both a professional partner and a friend.

Baird Retirement Management engaged Blue Fountain Media seeking a digital partner that could help the company market itself online and get the attention of tomorrow’s retirees

The Challenge

Baird serves a niche group, targeting soon-to-retire or retiring gas, oil, and chemical professionals, especially those in Texas and the Southern United States. Though its current clientele was ready to sing Baird’s praises, the team wasn’t making full use of digital as a vehicle for lead generation and brand awareness. Baird Retirement Management engaged Blue Fountain Media to help the company turn its online channels into vehicles for better business.

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The Approach

To deploy marketing successfully, the BFM team needed a clear understanding of what matters to both the Baird team and the professionals it serves. A series of stakeholder interviews distinguished key business and brand goals, ultimately informing a larger channel strategy that would lay the foundation for our marketing, content, and search efforts.

Marketing to the Niche

In working exclusively with gas, oil, and energy professionals, Baird’s ads needed to reach people in specific industrial sectors. Our team made a concerted effort to identify the employers, locations, and interests of the ideal Baird lead, then leveraged that information to deliver targeted campaigns across LinkedIn and Facebook. Throughout this process, we implemented a range of marketing technologies – notably, geo-targeting – to engage with users based on region, employer, and experience level.

baird rm marketing to the niche
baird rm refining data intelligence

Refining Through Data Intelligence

Word of mouth had done Baird well in the past, but targeted marketing was new territory. It was on us to identify, analyze, and implement best practices, so we put testing at the core of our marketing process. Variations in campaign creative, messaging, and targeting were deployed and measured against one another in real-time. The insights gleaned from this research helped us progressively optimize campaigns, ensuring we were always saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time.

Content that Resonates

Baird Retirement Management had been posting regularly on its Insights blog, but the content didn’t reflect the personal approach the team took to its work.

To set the right course, our content specialists took over this section of the website, lending a revitalized brand voice to a series of weekly blog posts. Blog topics were decided through market and keyword research, as well as interviews with Baird clients and representatives. From Social Security to 401k, to just enjoying the golden years, we got Baird speaking the language of its clientele and further solidified its role as a thought leader in the space.

baird rm content that resonates
baird rm search mastery

Search Mastery

As new content helped build search equity on the website, our SEO experts worked to optimize the Baird Retirement Management website so it could rank higher for the search terms that matter. Crucial to this process was a holistic SEO audit, which identified where Baird was ranking well and where it had room to climb – thus setting the goalposts for ongoing search improvements.

Unifying the Brand

In this nearly 3-year engagement, our team has touched practically all parts of the Baird Retirement Management brand. Social profiles have been revitalized, forms optimized, and the company’s email marketing platform was been redone from the ground up to drive traffic and boost engagement. The result of these efforts is a more cohesive web experience for prospects and regulars alike.

baird rm unifying the brand


Since 2017, Baird Retirement Management has seen several major improvements across its business.

As of Q3 2019, search CTR has increased by 85% year-over-year with the same monthly budget, while display CTR has seen an increase of 346%. During this period, CPC has decreased continuously, dropping 79% year-over-year.

Conversions have seen consistent monthly improvements, resulting in a 27% year-over-year increase from 2018 to 2019. Our paid campaigns have positively impacted overall site conversions across all channels, providing similar year-over-year improvements.

Baird’s top-ranking organic keywords have grown significantly. As of Q3 2019, top 20 rankings have increased by nearly 500%, making the brand more visible than ever before. Email traffic has seen similarly impressive growth – a 61 percent year-over-year increase since 2018.

Overall site traffic has grown alongside LinkedIn and Facebook Growth. Traffic to the site as a whole has increased 138% year-over-year, while LinkedIn has seen a 1,057% growth since Q2 2018 and Facebook, 230%.

The future looks bright for Baird Retirement Management, which seems only right for a team that works to make bright futures possible. With the potential of digital working for Baird, gas, oil, and energy professionals now have an improved partner for more promising retirements.

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